RhinoShield SolidSuit FIFA World Cup Edition: Protect Your iPhone X & Support Your Team!

With 11 ft drop protection, a slim form factor, and a World Cup theme, the RhinoShield SolidSuit World Cup Edition for iPhone X is an excellent choice for football and soccer fans worldwide. Unlike some companies marketing World Cup merchandise, RhinoShield’s SolidSuit comes in versions for all 32 World Cup teams…not just the most popular or strongest contenders. The FIFA World Cup edition cases have the flag of each of the teams imprinted on the bottom right hand corner of the case and also feature buttons in colors matching the flag colors. There are three base colors available to choose from for the cases: black, white and light gray. The cases are nicely made, with a tight secure fit, slim profile and beautifully clicky buttons. There is plenty of lip to protect your screen and they should work with most case compatible screen protectors. Wireless charging is, of course, no problem and there is sufficient protection for the iPhone’s protruding camera. The biggest issue with the SolidSuit cases is that they tend to be slippery. However, the FIFA World Cup cases, which are a subset of the SolidSuit Classic Print cases, are actually grippier on the back than many of the other SolidSuit variants…at least in the black and white base colors. The gray base color, at least in the samples I was sent, was noticeably slipperier than the other two colors. The sides of all of the case colors are equally slippery.

For those of you who may remember the two previous iterations of the SolidSuit, this case has little resemblance to either. Its closest relative is probably RhinoShield’s PlayProof case although it has a few things in common with RhinoShield’s MOD case as well. Like the MOD, it offers the opportunity to purchase extra sets of colored buttons at $2.99 each, to help customize the look of the case, and it is also compatible with RhinoShield’s add-on lenses. However, it is not as slippery as the MOD, it doesn’t have the same issue with scratching and fingerprints on its back panel, and it has a much better fit on the phone. Other than the FIFA World Cup Edition reviewed here, the SolidSuit also comes in a wide variety of back finish options: plain plastic, printed designs, microfiber, carbon fiber and brushed steel finishes, genuine leather, and real wood. There is a lot to choose from with the SolidSuit and all the choices are good.

Available directly from RhinoShield, the SolidSuit FIFA World Cup Edition for iPhone X has an MSRP of $34.99 and comes in versions for all 32 teams, in your choice of black, white or gray base colors. Many thanks to the kind folks at RhinoShield for sending me out these samples to review.


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