Best iOS 11 Jailbreak Tweaks! Top Cydia in Anticipation of 11.3.1 Jailbreak (iPhone X)

Top iOS 11 Jailbreak Tweaks on my iPhone 10! Getting Excited for the Upcoming iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak? Here’s what you can expect once its all updated!

Today we look back at some of the best tweaks running on the latest Electra Jailbreak! Tweak List Below! Lets Discuss!

** YouTube: Jailbreaking is 100% legal under the DMCA.**

► Latest iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Update:

► iOS 11.4 Jailbreak Demo:

► Downgrade to 11.3 Beta 6:

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► LockScreen:
Lock Plus Pro – Adds Custom Lock Screen Elements
Jumper – Adds Custom Toggles
Artsy – Entire device music – Album Art on CC / Lock Screen Music Controls
Good Bye Cover Art – Removes Album Art from LS
MitsuhaXI – Music Visualizer on LS Music Controls

► Home screen:
ZenHtml (& Lock Plus Pro for Widget)
Bazzi (for notch & Battery Percentage)
Boxy 3 – Custom iCon LayOut
Leadmehome – takes you to where app is located.
SSGestures – Screen Shot Gestures.
Hide SB Time

► Dock:
Floaty Dock – Add More iCons to Dock & Access Dock in Apps.

► Multi Tasking:
Switchus – Kill All Apps & Other Power Options by Swiping Down
Swiper – Kill Apps in Multi-Tasking (EasySwitcherX)

► In App:
Saw (removes space below Mac bar) pair with hidebarX
Nomoresmallapps – Full screen apps on iPhone X
Flame – Customize Cydia
Tweak Counter 2 – Shows Total Tweaks Installed

► Messages app:
Type status 2 – Displays incoming message status in status bar
No more app bar – Hides App Bar in Message App
Barmoji – Emojis At the Bottom of Keyboard
Translucent Messages – Adds Translucency to Message App.

► Notifications:
Color banners – Add App Based Colors to Notification Banners
Adjust Notifications – Move the placement of notifications on lock screen / cover sheet, works well with LLP.

► Control center:
Ez swiper – Swipe On the right to activate CC, Swipe in middle for spotlight, swipe on right for Coversheet
Silo – Rearrange CC iCons
Xb-CC – CC connectivity modules replacement
Ez cc – More Toggles
Ez launcher – Customizable CC App Launcher
PowerSelector – Custom Power Options within CC
CC Alarm ETA – Show Alarm CountDown in CC – Big Boss
Pika Panel – CC Replacement / Music Controls
Real CCX – Disables Wifi / Bluetooth Permanently

► Newest Tweaks:
Siri Not my Friend – Removes Siri “Hints”
Lead Me Home – Find App on HS when Searching in Spotlight

► Darkmode:
Noctis Xi & Eclipse X

► Other Tweaks Not In Video (But on my iPhone!):
Sleep Anywhere – Double Tap Status Bar Anywhere to lock device
Hush – Flip the Device Upside down to turn on do not disturb
Dots – Add Dots to Lock Screen when you receive notifications
Hyperion – More customization for Notifications
Cylinder -For Home Screen Animation)
Cerebrum – Alternative Lock Screen Music Controls
App Drawer – See All Apps from one big folder
Taptic keys – Add some haptic feed back to your keyboard / iOS
Float CC / Glacier – Makes the CC background transparent
IntelliX – Group notifications based on App
TapTapFlip – Flip Camera With Double Tap
XBarRemover – Removes Bottom X Bar
SmartLPW – Enables Low Power Mode while charging
BottomControlX – Swipe up from bottom to activate CC – Big Boss
iConator11- Change iCon Sizes
SpringPlus11 – Change HS Elements
CuttleFish – Color Blur on 3D Touch
Pull to Respring – Respring in Settings App
Whoops (send delay alternative)
SwipeForMore – Install Multiple Tweaks Easily in Cydia