iPhone X Review – 3 Months Later

Review of the iPhone X 3 Months later, how has my iPhone X been for the last 3 months of using it as my main phone? In this video I let you know my issues with the iPhone X and how bad iOS 11 really is! I also review the iPhone X camera, the iPhone X speed, iPhone X apps, iPhone X battery life after long term usage.

How well is the iPhone X Face ID after long term usage? Is the iPhone X worth buying in 2018? I will prove why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone X as its a Beta product that was rushed to market and iOS 11 is full of bugs!

Also check out my video showing you how to set up the iPhone X and give you my first hands on of the iPhone X. I picked my iPhone X up on November 3rd on release day as I placed my preorder the previous week, there is a shortage of the iPhone X and Apple have struggled to get them out to their customers due to the high demand. I have noticed a blue tint issue on my iPhone X screen, is this a wide spread issue?

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