The Slight X Thinnest Transparent Clear iPhone X Case by Desmay Review

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Thinnest iPhone X Case. The Slight X by Desmay. Only 0.014in/0.35mm in Thickness. Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fingerprints. (Clear)

MAXIMUM PROTECTION: The Slight protects all four sides of your iPhone – along with its back – for maximum protection of your iPhone X.
ULTRA THIN: At 0.014in/0.35mm in thickness, the Slight for iPhone X is the thinnest case on the market. Keeping the design of your iPhone X intact, it is the perfect case for the lovers of the iPhone’s design.
ANTI-SCRATCH: The special formulation of the PP used to produce the Slight prevents both scratches and fingerprints.
EXTREME PRECISION: Each cutout is cut individually using high precision tools specifically designed to that effect ensuring perfect alignment of each cutout with the controls, speakers, etc. of your iPhone X.

Flaunt the gorgeous design of your iPhone X with the Slight for iPhone X. Designed to protect your iPhone X whilst glorifying its design, the Slight was made for those who love the iPhone… and hate cases. Our designers spent years perfecting the use of PP to improve the protective capabilities of the Slight with a minimum of material. This resulted in the thinnest case available on the market at only 0.014in/0.35mm in thickness. Say no to bulky cases. Say hello to the Slight.